If you’re planning on purchasing a waterfront home on Galveston Bay, you may be interested in taking advantage of the many opportunities for bait fishing that are available in the area. A waterfront home in Laguna Harbor provides immediate access to Galveston Bay, with a secure place to dock your fishing boat. Here are some great tips for choosing the best bait for fishing in Galveston Bay.


Advantages of Using Natural Bait 
Natural bait includes both live and dead bait, both of which have distinct advantages. For a casual fisher, or one who might be fishing in Galveston Bay for the first time, live bait is the best choice. For those with waterfront homes on Galveston Bay, the most popular live bait used for stationary fishing in the deeper waters of Galveston Bay is live shrimp. To keep the shrimp alive on the hook, you’ll need to hook it just under the horn on the top of its head. Other types of live bait include finger mullet, croaker, pin fish and mud minnows. There are two ways to hook these types of bait fish. One way is to hook the bait fish through the tail region under the adipose fin, which is the fin just behind the dorsal fin. Another way to hook the bait fish is through its lips. 


Benefits of Using a Popping Cork With Live Bait 
Popping corks are extremely popular among fishermen in Galveston Bay, and this method is particularly useful with live bait. As you pop your rod, the popping sound made as the cork hits the water imitates the sound of a fish popping the surface in search of food. This sound is very effective at attracting fish to your bait, particularly if you pop your rod in quick, successive jerks at a long distance. Small corks are best for the shallow, grassy areas  near shorelines or over oyster shell beds that can be found in Galveston Bay on the bay side of Bolivar Peninsula and Galveston Island. Larger corks work well in the deeper waters of Galveston Bay, because they make a louder popping noise. Our favorite popping corks are Cajun Thunder Popping Corks. 

Artificial Baits for Experienced Fishermen 
The more experienced Galveston Bay fishermen prefer artificial baits. Artificial baits in soft plastics are the most popular bait amongst drift fishermen and wade fishermen in Galveston Bay. Artificial bait works best for fishing in the shallow waters of the bay where there is less boat traffic and the bigger fish hangout. Popular artificial lures include Skitterwalk Topwaters, Gulp Shrimp, Corkys, and Gold or Silver Spoons. 

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